Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is Neob2b ?

It is an online business to business (B2B) service, which addresses to merchants and helps them to find and compare all available offers and to place orders.

It has been designed using the model of the Hellenic pharmacy in mind, and is mainly addressed to pharmacies and their suppliers.

The service is composed by two main functions,  StockFinder & StockDeals.

StockFinder (only between pharmacies & other merchants)

The pharmacy can search the database and

  • Order some parapharmaceuticals

  • Make available for sale some of its own products

Order of medicinal products between pharmacies is forbidden by law, no exceptions !

Companies do not have access to StockFinder as there is no functional reason to do so.

Stockdeals (Scale economy)

This has been designed for wholesale companies who sell their products either:

  • Individually at a fixed price

  • On scaled discounts according to the number of items available

  • As packets

so that a lower purchasing price can be achieved

The seller could also be a pharmacy.

(If the seller is a company and the buyer a pharmacy, order of medicinal products can also take place under the legal circumstances)

What is the purpose ?

  1. Cost savings for pharmacies in two ways

  • Decrease of buying cost

  • Pharmacies (or merchants) who cannot afford to buy large quantities in order to achieve the lowest buying price from their suppliers, are able to buy fewer items (less stock) at very competitive priced from other pharmacies

Use of StockFinder is the most preferable choice in this case as one can buy small amount of items from a wide range of products.

  • Pharmacies who have more financial liquidity can make use of StockDeals so that they achieve the maximum discount ordering large quantities, a part of which they can try to sell at StockFinder.  

  • Increase of sales  (Stockfinder & Stockdeals)

Release of large stocks that they cannot sell in retail, at a price slightly higher than the acquisition price so that they can even make a small profit while at the same time they they avoid having  “money on the shelf”.

2) Increase of sales for wholesale companies through the use of StockDeals by making available large packets of sales while at the same time they save shipping costs and use less logistics.

The companies will also obtain more potential customers that they wouldn’t be able to reach through their sale representatives, and can also advertise themselves.

How does it work ?

After an order has been placed, both the seller and the buyer receive an automated e-mail with the order details.

Then, the seller communicates with the buyer to confirm the order and to settle the payment arrangements between the two.


For StockFinder, it is expected that the seller covers the shipping costs when the net price is over 150 euros and the buyer is a premium/premium+ member.

No such obligation exists for free member buyers.


For StockDeals it is always expected that the seller covers the shipping costs.

Does this really work ?

Indeed it does !

And the more participation there is, the better !

Some pilot tests have taken place at models of 3 main suppliers with 300 products in total.

The result was that for an order of 200 euros (net price) an average discount of 12% was achieved, compared to the average selling price of parapharmaceuticals from normal suppliers.

This means that if the net price of one single order is 200 euros, the buyer could benefit of a 24 euros discount by using StockFinder.

What do I have to do in order to participate ?

You have to be a legal merchant (e.g pharmacist) able to issue invoices and to comply with the laws and Neob2b terms of use.

How much does it cost ?

As Neob2b is a new service, there is going to be a testing period so that we can trace any weak points with your help.

It is for this reason that even free users will be able to benefit from our services as we will benefit from your response and suggestions.

Later on at some point free users will have to upgrade their subscription in order to benefit from our services, however the cost is going to be minimal and fo sure less than the benefit it will be able to provide.

I am already a member of … (place any legal activity here) ...Is that a problem ?

That is NOT a problem, at least on our side.

Ih I enroll, what obligations do I have and for how long ?

After you enroll you have no special obligations apart from being legal and act in agreement with Neob2b terms of use.

You can stop participating anytime you wish.

However, if you decide to stop participating for your reasons, and not because of our fault, Neob2b is not obliged to refund your paid subscription.

Ok, you convinced me, this really works !

But why do I have to pay you instead of doing this with the people I already know ?

The answer is “you could, but not with the same results”

Apart from the fact that members are asked not to act on their own outside the platform, we could name a few more reasons.

  • Much bigger variety of suppliers and products within Neob2b

  • Continuous update of offers

  • 24h service

  • Supplier evaluation up to date and online from user feedback

  • Automated information system for orders and service functions

  • Avoidance of mistakes during telephone verbal communication

  • Avoidance of time waste during phone calls and recording of orders.

  • Electronic support for users

  • Extremely low cost which in practice is negligible

In the near future, we will ad

  • Shipping cost discounts

  • A “one in all” salespoint for pharmacies as more and more companies will make their offers available