Register as a Company

If you represent a company willing to sell in wholesale, you can register here.

Your company will place it's offers in the StockDeals section for bulk orders (with fixed or escalating discounts) and also promote packets of products.
You will be able to accept orders from pharmacies or other companies and finally you will be able to place orders to other companies.


Before you proceed, please make sure to read our terms and conditions page.
Also, you can visit our "I need help"  or "FAQ" sections to read more or contact us directly using our contact form.

Register as a Pharmacy

If you represent a pharmacy, you can register here and use both StockFinder and StockDeals.

StockFinder allows you to order products from other pharmacies or create your own ads.
StockDeals allows you to place orders from companies that offer discounts.

Before you proceed, please make sure to read our terms and conditions page. 
Also, you can visit our "I need help"  or "FAQ" sections to read more or contact us directly using our contact form.


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